No.  Creating an athlete profile, adding videos, attaching photos and sharing with friends and family is available at no cost.

Friends and family who contribute to an athlete’s goal will be required to pay an administration fee of 12% on top of the value of their contribution.  For example, if I were to contribute $100 to Susie’s goal to attend a soccer camp, I would pay the $100 plus $12 for a total of $112.  No additional costs are required and Susie will receive $100 in her NLS fund which she can use for the whatever club/camp/league of his/her choice.

Next Level Sports has designed the contribution process to be immediate using Stripe as our payment gateway (similar to a PayPal or Venmo payment).

No.  Once an athlete’s goal is reached or their campaign comes to an end, Next Level Sport will coordinate payment (either in full or any percentage that is preferred) with the camp/club directly.

Sometimes life gets in the way.  If an athlete is unable to join the club or attend the camp that their campaign was intended for, the contributions associated to that campaign will be returned to the athlete and deposited back in to their NLS fund for future use.

No.  This is what makes Next Level Sports truly unique.  Unlike other funding platforms, NLS was built from the ground up as a closed-loop system for the protection of our athletes and their contributors.  At no point will athletes be allowed to transfer contributions outside of NLS for personal use.  This maintains the purity of the process and ensures that the funds received are used for their intended purpose.  Next Level Sports will continue to innovate and provide future functionality and uses for their funds.

Athletes of all ages are encouraged to join Next Level Sports, create their unique profile and share with friends and family.  During the registration process, users who are under the age of 18 will be required to acknowledge that fact and are encouraged to have a parent or guardian assist them.  At no point does Next Level Sports request or gather any personal information (other than age and fun facts) for anything other than the benefit of the athlete.  Next Level Sports does not have any agreements with outside companies for the purpose of data farming.  Next Level Sports is dedicated to helping level the playing field for all athletes and allow them to be the best, regardless of age and cost.

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