The Rising Cost of Club Sports

rising cost of club sports

It’s no secret to parents that club sports can get very expensive. Necessities like uniforms, travel, equipment, and camps can run a budget into the ground. In fact, recent studies show that many elite teams require student athletes’ families to shell out anywhere from $100 – $1000 per month depending on the level of competition and the amount of travel involved.

Let’s face it. Most children and teens in America simply do not have those kinds of resources to spend on sports. The inevitable result is that kids who can pay are the ones that get to play, regardless of talent. Talented athletes in lower-middle to low income families often drop out after one year due to the financial burden placed on them. Moreover, children who live in poverty tend to be the ones that benefit the most from the positive environment of sports. If you think this seems like a Catch 22, you’re right. The kids who cannot afford it are the kids who would benefit the most from sports.

If you are now feeling frustrated and wondering what you can do to help, here’s a simple solution. Join Next Level Sports as a sponsor and give at a level that suits you. Your sponsorship will provide the money for expensive sports equipment, dues, and travel that many talented young athletes need in order to pursue their dreams. Together we can be part of the solution by helping a young athlete to reach for the stars!

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