Fueled by the ambition to help young athletes, the Next Level Sports Team is committed to providing the best platform to help you get in the game. Our team is founded on the principles of hard work, diligence, and fair play.

We know how hard young athletes work for their sport. We want to work hard for you. Our promise to young athletes is to help you to fund your dreams so you can take your sport to the next level.

Manuel Solis III – Founder & CEO

 “Next Level Sports joins student athletes, parents, coaches, clubs and sponsors in a community that is built around one big idea – To remove barriers for young athletes, whether they be financial, location, or difficult circumstances, so that student athletes are free to do what they love – play sports.”

 Manuel Solis, motivated by 20+ years of business experience combined with a passion for sports, founded Next Level Sports with a mission of providing athletic opportunities for young athletes around the world. An avid baseball player as a child, Manuel experienced firsthand, the physical and emotional benefits of team sports. Coming from a small family with limited means, however, meant that as the sport became more expensive to play, he was forced to stop playing. This scenario plays out year after year as funding is cut and youth sports programs switch to a pay-to-play model. As CEO of Next Level Sports, Manuel Solis recognizes the need for greater sponsorship, mentorship, and community within youth sports. He proudly stands behind Next Level Sports and it’s mission.

Pete Brown – Chief Strategy Officer

As Chief Strategy Officer, Pete identifies new avenues for athletes, sponsors, and clubs to reach their goals, create a unique and compelling platform for athletes to engage in, and evangelize Next-Level Sports around the world.

 A life-long athlete, Pete spends his weekends snowboarding in Tahoe, playing terrible golf, riding dirt bikes with buddies, skateboarding at local parks, and mountain biking bay area trails. Pete loves sharing his passion for athletics with his daughters; coaching his oldest daughter’s softball team and cheering on his youngest daughter’s cheer squad. Pete has nearly 30 years of business experience and over 40 years in team and action sports. Combining his appreciation for the two, Pete is very much at home with Next Level Sports. Having been a part of recreational and club level sports, Pete is dedicated to ensuring that young athletes gain the opportunity to prove themselves at the highest levels.

Miles Prowse – Chief Operations Officer

As Chief Operations Officer, Miles oversees all operations of Next Level Sports. He sees parallels in business and sports, “you are always in the midst of attempting to control chaos.”

Miles was a student-athlete at Pepperdine University where he played lacrosse, was on the triathlon team and enjoyed surfing.

During the time he was not playing team sports in school or clubs, Miles would challenge himself in the extreme sports of motocross and freestyle motocross.

Miles now spends his professional time building and leading high performing sales teams for tech companies in Silicon Valley, and drifting cars at many of the racetracks throughout California. Miles’ passion for playing sports is only equaled by his thirst for creating and designing better outcomes for people through technology.

Advisory Board Members

Byron Hemingway – Former Professional NFL Athlete

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